For customers - why outsourcing

External company


(office of handling accounting and counselling of legal and tax)

(accounting and legal and tax services performed in the company)

  • Low cost of contract management
  • The ability to change providers in the event of dissatisfaction
  • High competence of company, great objectivity in the selection of accounting rules and tax rules
  • No training costs - improving skills
  • No problem with social benefits for employees
  • Experience is the sum of the experience team of people
  • Working for different business entities
  • The company charges a fixed salary
  • Additional order is accepted with a correspondingly higher fee
  • Low cost of terminating the contract
  • Do not be ill
  • Any notice period (included in clause)
  • Easy redress for improper performance of the work (mandatory liability insurance)
  • Extensive experience in handling tax audits (serving from a few to several inspections per year) reliable and efficient defense of its work
  • May guarantee the security of processing data
  • The high cost of maintaining employee (Labor Code)
  • Dissatisfaction with the employee is associated with the problem of finding a qualified successor
  • Lack of objectivity in the selection of rules, the employee performs work most convenient for himself
  • The need for training to meet the constant changes in rules of tax and accounting
  • Leaves of absence and other social benefits for employees
  • 20 years of experience working in a one workplace is equal to 20 times of the annual labor practice
  • Employees take a fixed salary
  • Additional steps are carried out in overtime, but in limited amounts
  • High costs of termination of employment agreement
  • It can go on sick leave
  • Be in force the relevant periods of termination of employment agreement (Labour Code)
  • No redress for improper performance of the work
  • Have been dealing with the tax audit once in several years or less
  • It is difficult to protect against loss of the employee, together with important informations for the company. Human is the weakest link in the process.

Source: A. Welsyng-Zielony, W. Szew,; W. Cieśliński, Skuteczne zarządzanie kancelarią podatkową i biurem rachunkowym" Publishing House: Forum Doradców Podatkowych