We are a team of specialists from various fields, which allows us to perform services at possible the highest level. Our team includes people with higher education and the right to bookkeeping services, specialists in human resources and payroll and Tax specialist.

The many years of experience achieving under of the service financial-accounting-tax of economic subjects, in this of firms with the foreign capital, permits to us on elastic adapting himself to the specificity, and needs of the Customer. At present we employ 22 persons.


ASK-Finance Sp. z o. o. in Katowice


Aleksandra Puton


Control and Audit Department

Anna Szafarczyk-Kasicka


Accounting Staffs

Iwona Kortz, Joanna Piska, Magdalena Nowińska, Marta Kubowicz


Anna Szafarczyk-Kasicka, Magdalen Ciesielska, Dorota Wojtyłowicz, Dawid Kolenda, Remigiusz Kaczmarczyk


Krzyszotf Ciesielski


Joanna Jaros, Kornelia Niedźwiedzka, Zdzisława Supel


Sebastian Psonka

Department of books of revenues and expenditures (KPiR)

Katarzyna Najgrodzka, Katarzyna Wyłupek

Department of human resources and payroll

Magdalena Czarkowska, Irena Lurka, Ewa Grym, Celina Kowalska


Department of marketing

Aleksandra Gola-Szczeszek