Who are we?

ASK-FINANCE Sp z o.o. is a company active in the accounting services. Our goal is to ensure the fiscal security of our clients and their freedom from the accounting operations and any contact with the authorities. The company was founded in 2010 by taking the volume of clients from a company operating since 2004 under the name of ASK-Finance Anna Szafarczyk-Kasicka. Currently, we are one of the fastest growing companies in Upper Silesia. We employ 22 employees and serving more than 100 business entities. We work with a tax advisor, law firm and trustee. We support and reporting in English and German.

The main services of our office include:

  • Keeping commercial books (full accounting)

  • Keeping books of revenues and expenditures (KPIR)

  • Keeping a lump sum accounting

  • Accounting for income tax, vat

  • Preparating annual tax returns, financial statements

  • Administration of human resources and payroll

  • Service companies with foreign capital

  • ASK-Finance Sp. z o.o. has gained recognition of many of its customers through a young, dynamic and experienced team who has knowledge, honest approach and understanding of the realities of business and nuisance arising from the registration required and tax obligations.

    The many years of experience achieving under of the service financial-accounting, tax services and human resources of economic operators, permits to us on elastic adapting himself to the specificity and the needs of the Customer.

    In daily work, we combine the knowledge and professionalism with a creative approach to emerging problems - thus the tax returns have become for you a pleasant, easy and secure.

    Every customer is treated individually trying to the utmost to fulfill his expectations. We put a lot of commitment to the work done by us, we use professional knowledge, substantive knowledge of issues and practical experience which allows our customers to operate in conditions of peace of mind and focus on business development. We comply with the rules of confidentiality and data protection of our customers. We gratify the needs of entrepreneurs for whom the best solution is a professional and reliable outsourcing accounting services.

    With our experience and involvement in the conduct of affairs we have established a major position in the market for accounting services.