About the company

ASK-Finance Sp. zo.o.  has transformed from a family business into a commercial company. We provide full accounting and tax service in the use of accounting books, conducted in a simplified form, as well as human resources and payroll services. We support a sole proprietorship company , as well as medium-sized and large companies - a limited liability company, a public limited company, a limited partnership, a partnership limited by shares etc.

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What is cooperation?

  • Each client is treated individually in an effort to meet the highest level of his expectations
  • We put a lot of commitment to the work done by us
  • We free our customers from the accounting activity and all contacts with authorities
  • We comply with the principles of confidentiality and security of our customers
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Crucial sectors

Staff of ASK-Finance Sp. z o.o. in his a multiannual career discovered the full range of accounting and tax issues in supported trading companies, service and production. Each industry and each client must be treated and maintained in a special and unique way as well as each a special provision of tax must be properly interpreted and applied..

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Why outsourcing?

By using the services of outsourcing company that offers high-class experienced specialists, access to knowledge and software, we guarantee fast, reliable, professional and comprehensive service. We reduce risk because the outsourcing company is responsible for any errors, we also avoid the negative consequences of unexpected absences (eg. due to illness) accountant. This allows you to focus on business development and managed the company.

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Insurance of services

Activities carried out by us is insured for the amount of:

  • 10.000 Euro - compulsory  insurance OC
  • 1.000.000 PLN - insurance OC of companies conducting activities in the field of bookkeeping - to the extent not covered by compulsory insurance
  • 1.000.000 PLN - insurance OC of entity implementing payroll service
  • 1.000.000 PLN - insurance OC of entity implementing tax advice service
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